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Why Am I?

Do YOU know it?

Who am I?
Am I that star in the sky?
Left to twinkle in the night
Just to fade away, in daylight?

What do I seem?
Am I your good night’s dream?
Or just a nightmare
Do you think you care?

What do I look?
Am I an open book?
That you think you can read
And satisfy all your greed?

What do you understand?
Am I the silver sand?
Left all along that lonely beach
Where no one can ever reach?

What do I see?
Is it a moment of glee?
That has come, and shall go
Will the wind still blow?

What do I love?
Is it that white dove?
That flies free in the sky
And never asks why?

Where do I belong?
Was my shadow all along?
To watch me all the way
And be with me today?

What for this life?
Do you see the strife?
That seems to be in your view
But will it leave hold of you?

What do I wish?
Is it that swimming fish?
Left to explore the seas
Just to miss the breeze?

What do I miss?
Is it that gentle kiss?
That you used to give
And the pray that I always live?

What do I pray?
Is it a day far away?
That I will live as I am
Will the moment ever jam?

What am I?
Maybe I’m the sky that’s left for you to fly
Or maybe that night
You think you won’t see light.

Maybe I’m that rain
That’ll leave you no pain
Or maybe that dream
That will make you scream.

Maybe I’m someone
Wondering what life means
Or maybe something
That just seems.


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