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There. No More.


How life took a turn, your primacies anew
It feels like a burn, in a different view
I often lie, with my eyes awake
Tell me why, is it a heartache?

Should I cope, do you feel fine?
I did hope, for bright sunshine
But you changed way, just when the moon glowed
And went astray, towards a lonely road.

I see you walk, to reach nowhere
There is no talk, but something I hear
I think you cried, for all that I kissed you
I wish you’d tried, for all when I missed you.


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A Denied Friend

Coming or receding?

As I take a stare into your eye
The thoughts in my mind pass me by
A look back, but I don’t care
Words never mean ’em while you’re there.

Ain’t lasting forever the imperium I behold
I see the tracks turn, it’s our friendship you sold
So curse the clouds, for I take a step ahead
Ain’t any stopping me, the feelings are dead.

I wanna look above, and see the clear sky
But it’s still far away, the murk, the wry
I sense you’re standstill, no angel would churn
Your jealousy within, ah you’re gonna crash and burn.

You scream, you cry, no howl I hear
The devil would come, and take you there
To the island of the numb, and leave you alone
You’d be the king, without a kingdom, without a throne.

So lose me, for our love doesn’t exist anymore.
Hate me, for the trust I put in you.
Deceive me, for I’m still the man I used to be.
And love me, for I’m never gonna look back again.

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