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There. No More.


How life took a turn, your primacies anew
It feels like a burn, in a different view
I often lie, with my eyes awake
Tell me why, is it a heartache?

Should I cope, do you feel fine?
I did hope, for bright sunshine
But you changed way, just when the moon glowed
And went astray, towards a lonely road.

I see you walk, to reach nowhere
There is no talk, but something I hear
I think you cried, for all that I kissed you
I wish you’d tried, for all when I missed you.


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Utopian Phantasms

Have I lost you?

You’re going down under, they await your fall
I shout for you; hear my call?
The Sun bids you goodbye, the Sea shall take you
Arise next day, with the morning dew?

Would you imagine me, when you’re lying down deep?
And miss me, when awake in your sleep?
Would you see the birds, up from the Sea?
And remember my words, and then think of me?

I wish you’d listened, I wish in vain.
Only you are leaving, the words shall remain.

It is always worth giving,
Don’t complain after you go.
Life was always worth living,
Only you did not know.

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