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Resolute Fantasies

I fantasize!

.. And I get stuck up all these hours
I lie awake, every second gambles
Insane contemplations, bluntness showers
A steadfast heart, and my mind rambles.

I look into the past, to places never been
And the world seems to pace down
I yearn for it all, for bliss never seen
A craving to quench, a wish to drown.

I see my eyes closed, I hear my breath
And long for a better meaning in life
Today, tomorrow, for each day till death
For evanescence of hatred, for recession of strife.

I behold myself as someone I ain’t
As someone in the past, I could’ve wanted to be
The clouds darken, the feelings faint
And wander around for a better lee.

The past is gone, and I hide behind
Beneath the thunder, I hear the skies
God’s own ways, I strive to find
The mirror reflects a dream in my eyes.

The heavens envision, and I so deviate
A determined desire burning inside
Fuelled by fascination the reflections so create
A step aside, let my heart decide.

I wanna runaway, for courage I own
For magnanimity of thoughts, for mentations that prod
I’ll reach the crown, for the seed once sown
For the feeling I’ll get in the abode of God.

I’ll give one life to be there
For the prized promise I see in my eyes
And sacrifice all happiness, for the world won’t care
To dream of a dream where it all lies.

It now rains heavier, but the rainbows glaze
.. And I won’t let my voice sound hollow
I’ll look up for the days, and will run new ways
For wherever I’ll go, my dreams will follow.


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