Family Matters

Today, I was just having a chat with my younger brother. He suddenly took up my DSLR and told me “I wanna capture a few shots of you playing the guitar.” I agreed. And so we started off.
I played a few songs that came to my mind at that instant, such as Fade to Black, Come as You Are, Lithium.
It was great fun with both of us singing, coupled with the fact the I was constantly under flashlight (no pun intended).


It made me remind of our good ol’ times together. I mean, what is there in life that could possibly mean more to you than your family, and the time spent with them? Having chats, singing together, getting photos clicked, poking each other – ah, nothing else could possibly matter more.

I always long for those special moments. And so I say – let those times continue!


What do you want from your life?

  • A big home?
  • A high-paying job?
  • A big car?
  • Lots of money to spare?

A lot of us, in fact most of us, want these things. Have you ever pondered why?

John Lennon once said-

“When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy’. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.”

Is that true? Yes, it is. Mr. Lennon understood that, and had only one aim in his life – to create music, and make people happy. I mean, who hasn’t heard of The Beatles?

The goal of all endeavors in your life is one – Happiness. All the things that you genuinely want (or have ever wanted) ultimately lead you to only one answer “I want to be happy” if you ask a simple “Why?” to every question posed to yourself.

So aim high, and aim sincerely. Channel all your energies towards achieving it. Take my word, you will be happy.

A lot of us worry about a lot of things at the same moment.

  •  “What do my friends think of me?”
  •  “How is my exam gonna be like? Easy? Difficult?”
  •  “Should I attend the lecture, or rather go see a movie?”
  • “How do I dress up for the evening? What if he rejects me?”


There’s nothing wrong about asking all these questions. It’s human nature to want the best out of every situation, be it:

  • Being seen as a nice person, or
  • Getting good marks in an exam, or
  • Deciding between possible tradeoffs, or
  • Not losing that someone special.


But the problem comes when, in asking all these questions, you overlook simple ideas! There’s high possibility these questions make you anxious, and thus, you are not able to make the best out of a given situation.

Consider the following answers to the above questions:

  • They are still my good friends, so I must be a nice person!
  • However it may be, I know I’m well prepared. I’m gonna give my best, and leave the rest!
  • I’m not in a mood to attend a lecture right now. A movie would be a good break, and I can then get back on track!
  • If he is the kind who judges someone on the basis of attire, I better start looking for someone else!


See? It’s just a different line of thinking and reasoning! The last set of answers clearly reflect a person who is:

  • Optimistic
  • Contended with his life
  • Can tell what is better for him at a given moment.


And so I say, why not try?

Try being, even if just for one day, a person who:

  • is contended with his life, and
  • gets mostly positive ideas in his or her mind, and
  • puts on a smiling face in every situation.


You will stop bothering about petty questions, and will see changes in attitudes of people towards you. This is mostly because you have decided you’re not gonna let external stimuli affect you. When you control your inner self, only then can you control your outer self, that is, your behaviour in different situations.

So the next time you’re faced with a difficult question, you know what to do. You may not get all the answers, but I’m sure doing this will make you feel better about yourself.
And, oh yes, isn’t that what you really want?

Why Am I?

Do YOU know it?

Who am I?
Am I that star in the sky?
Left to twinkle in the night
Just to fade away, in daylight?

What do I seem?
Am I your good night’s dream?
Or just a nightmare
Do you think you care?

What do I look?
Am I an open book?
That you think you can read
And satisfy all your greed?

What do you understand?
Am I the silver sand?
Left all along that lonely beach
Where no one can ever reach?

What do I see?
Is it a moment of glee?
That has come, and shall go
Will the wind still blow?

What do I love?
Is it that white dove?
That flies free in the sky
And never asks why?

Where do I belong?
Was my shadow all along?
To watch me all the way
And be with me today?

What for this life?
Do you see the strife?
That seems to be in your view
But will it leave hold of you?

What do I wish?
Is it that swimming fish?
Left to explore the seas
Just to miss the breeze?

What do I miss?
Is it that gentle kiss?
That you used to give
And the pray that I always live?

What do I pray?
Is it a day far away?
That I will live as I am
Will the moment ever jam?

What am I?
Maybe I’m the sky that’s left for you to fly
Or maybe that night
You think you won’t see light.

Maybe I’m that rain
That’ll leave you no pain
Or maybe that dream
That will make you scream.

Maybe I’m someone
Wondering what life means
Or maybe something
That just seems.

There. No More.


How life took a turn, your primacies anew
It feels like a burn, in a different view
I often lie, with my eyes awake
Tell me why, is it a heartache?

Should I cope, do you feel fine?
I did hope, for bright sunshine
But you changed way, just when the moon glowed
And went astray, towards a lonely road.

I see you walk, to reach nowhere
There is no talk, but something I hear
I think you cried, for all that I kissed you
I wish you’d tried, for all when I missed you.

Utopian Phantasms

Have I lost you?

You’re going down under, they await your fall
I shout for you; hear my call?
The Sun bids you goodbye, the Sea shall take you
Arise next day, with the morning dew?

Would you imagine me, when you’re lying down deep?
And miss me, when awake in your sleep?
Would you see the birds, up from the Sea?
And remember my words, and then think of me?

I wish you’d listened, I wish in vain.
Only you are leaving, the words shall remain.

It is always worth giving,
Don’t complain after you go.
Life was always worth living,
Only you did not know.

Resolute Fantasies

I fantasize!

.. And I get stuck up all these hours
I lie awake, every second gambles
Insane contemplations, bluntness showers
A steadfast heart, and my mind rambles.

I look into the past, to places never been
And the world seems to pace down
I yearn for it all, for bliss never seen
A craving to quench, a wish to drown.

I see my eyes closed, I hear my breath
And long for a better meaning in life
Today, tomorrow, for each day till death
For evanescence of hatred, for recession of strife.

I behold myself as someone I ain’t
As someone in the past, I could’ve wanted to be
The clouds darken, the feelings faint
And wander around for a better lee.

The past is gone, and I hide behind
Beneath the thunder, I hear the skies
God’s own ways, I strive to find
The mirror reflects a dream in my eyes.

The heavens envision, and I so deviate
A determined desire burning inside
Fuelled by fascination the reflections so create
A step aside, let my heart decide.

I wanna runaway, for courage I own
For magnanimity of thoughts, for mentations that prod
I’ll reach the crown, for the seed once sown
For the feeling I’ll get in the abode of God.

I’ll give one life to be there
For the prized promise I see in my eyes
And sacrifice all happiness, for the world won’t care
To dream of a dream where it all lies.

It now rains heavier, but the rainbows glaze
.. And I won’t let my voice sound hollow
I’ll look up for the days, and will run new ways
For wherever I’ll go, my dreams will follow.